Smart Packaging Design Takes Logistics to New Level

Through time savings, reduced breakage, and branding opportunities, proper packaging can raise your bottom line.

In the logistics world, smart shipping makes all the difference for many companies. No one wants to waste money or time with poor packaging solutions and the damaged products that often come with them. That’s where custom shipping boxes come in. It doesn’t take long for the advantages of custom packaging design to reap benefits that outweigh a higher initial investment. In the end, smart business owners learn they can’t afford to not buy better shipping boxes. Here are just a few reasons why.


Reduced Packaging Time


Successful warehousing is all about efficiency. When you take the time to configure custom shipping boxes, workers will be able to minimize the time it takes them to select the properly sized container and get the product safely inside. There will be no man hours wasted trying different sizes, creating custom inserts or looking for another box when you have the right ones on hand. Ultimately, a simpler process means an entry level worker can handle the task.


Branding Opportunity


Boxes featuring a custom package design with your branding on is essentially built-in advertising for no cost outside of the packaging itself. Think about how many people will see the package along its delivery route. Plus, customers may gain a positive feeling about the professionalism of the business, and happy customers lead to good ratings online. This is especially try if your custom inserts kept all the products in one piece during the journey.


Additional Product Protection


Speaking of arriving in one piece, the whole purpose of packaging is to get products to the customers’ homes or places of business in good shape. Properly sized boxes reduce the amount of shifting that occurs during transit, reducing the risk of damage. There will also be less expense in filler materials if the box is the right size for the job. Damaged goods have to be replaced and shipped again, which can get costly if it happens often and risks eliciting a negative reaction in customers.


Save Money


Today’s shipping fees are largely calculated based on box dimensions, so every inch you don’t have to pay to ship means a cost savings. Custom boxes allow you to use the smallest box possible that still can contain products safely. In addition, there can be less monetary loss due to damaged goods being returned or the loss of customers who are dissatisfied after receiving broken items.


Innovation Opportunity


Custom shipping boxes are also an opportunity to establish the company as an innovator. Creative packaging design that is attractive and unusual will keeps your brand top of mind for consumers. You can even get some bonus points if you use minimal – read, custom – packaging as a way to reduce waste. Don’t forget to emphasize the fact that you are using recyclable and recycled materials in your boxes. Customers will appreciate your efforts and, again, this could lead to positive online reviews and repeat business.

If company owners can reduce shipping damage, increase advertising and save money, all with the help of custom shipping boxes, it’s the obvious choice for businesses who want to stand out.


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