Introducing WP243: Outperforming 44 ECT

Introducing WP243: Outperforming 44 ECT for the exact same price. Featuring two sets of flutes, it features increased stacking strength and enhanced print quality.

Here at Welch Packaging we’re always innovating new solutions to better serve you, our customers. Last year we took the plunge an invested in a top of the line corrugator to be able to better control our corrugated board supply and give us the option to experiment with creating our own board grades. These board grades are made from 100% recycled with an emphasis on using less paper while maintaining the structural integrity you have come to know and trust from us.


We have talked at length about WP242, our cost effect solution to traditional B/C board grades. You have probably seen WP242 in action throughout the 2017 Toys for Tots campaign year. All 113,000 collection bins that we produced and distributed we made from WP242.


Today, we are proud to formally announce WP243. WP243 is designed to be a cost effective alternative to many traditional board grades like 275#, 55 ECT, and 44 ECT. A lightweight alternative to heavier single wall grades with better overall performance, WP243 also requires less space that traditional CB double wall boxes while being more environmentally friendly.


Most importantly, WP243 has been designed to replace any and all 44 ECT boxes. WP243 outperforms 44 ECT in every metric without costing a penny more.


WP243 is structurally superior to 44 ECT boxes in every way. Containing two walls of flutes, the stacking strength has been improved over a standard C-flute box. The double walled corrugation also increases the bursting strength and puncture resistance when compared to a 44 ECT box.


44 ECT boxes are known to poorly reproduce graphics and logos when printed directly because of the wide spacing of C-flute. WP243 features an ultra-smooth wall for superior printability allowing you to put your best face forward while actually improving the strength of your packaging boxes.


Finally, since WP243 was designed to be a replacement for 44 ECT, no new tooling is required to switch to WP243. WP243 is the same thickness as a traditional C-flute and has been extensively tested in all our converting machinery. If you are currently purchasing a 44 ECT box through our facilities, you could be using WP243 and have a better box for your next order at no additional cost.


WP243: Increasing performance without increasing price. Contact your sales representative or submit a quote request today to see how you may be able to take advantage of WP243!


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