How to Pack Items for Shipping

Learn how to pack items, fragile or not, to survive a shipping experience.

How to Pack Items Correctly For Shipping

Welch Packaging is a packaging company in Michigan. At Welch Packaging, we not only want to take care of your custom packaging needs, we also want to teach you the right way to use our packaging materials to take optimum care of your items so they arrive undamaged and wholly intact. Learn a few tips about proper packaging below.


General Guidelines

If you have soft items you want to protect during shipping, it’s best that you wrap them before packing them inside a durable outer box. An option that will save you time are die cut boxes, which is perfect for protecting items during shipping. Do you need to keep the item from moving around but don’t have die cut boxes? You can fill in the extra space with newspaper, packing peanuts or bubble wrap. Anything you want to protect against the elements should be sealed inside a strong plastic bag before being packed up.


Perishable Items

While you can ship perishable items like plants, seafood, fruits, dairy and meat, you have to do so carefully. One thing to bear in mind with such items is you want to invest in quality reflective materials, expanded polystyrene foam, rigid polyurethane foam and other insulating materials. Cold items require refrigerants such as gel coolants and dry ice while being shipped, and you might need corrugated partitions to keep items separated. With both, make sure you use the right kind of refrigerant for your product and that everything is properly handled. No matter which perishable item you’re shipping, make sure it gets to its destination as quickly as possible and that you don’t ship it over a weekend or holiday.


Keep Restrictions in Mind

Be sure you keep restrictions in mind no matter what kind of item you’re shipping. This is especially important because the weight of your package can be accepted at one logistic center and rejected at another before it reaches its final destination. There are also measurement restrictions to consider, so be sure to check on those as well before sending your package off.


Proper Sealing Is Essential

Once your item is properly packaged, be sure to seal it properly; otherwise, the item might fall out, move around or become damaged. The first thing to do is ensure you use quality duct tape to seal your boxes. Use at least three strips of packing tape across each flap and seam of the package, and make sure the tape measures at least 5 cm wide. If the weight of the item being shipped is especially heavy, use a strong tape to be sure the item stays properly sealed and so the tape doesn’t rip during shipping.


Additional Considerations to Make

Before shipping your item, there are a few items to check off. First, make sure there isn’t any empty space inside the box that can allow the item to move around and potentially become damaged. You’ll also want to note if the item is especially heavy, perishable or fragile on the outside of the box so the recipient handles it properly. During holidays and weekends, be sure you allow yourself plenty of time to ship the item so it arrives at its destination on time.


Welch Packaging has you fully covered when it comes to all your packaging material needs. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for more packing and shipping tips.


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